Monday, March 20, 2017

Induvial Blog Post #6 Protagonists Compare and Contrast

Induvial Blog Post #6 Protagonists Compare and Contrast

Welcome back viewers, in this post I will be discussing the Protagonists in The House of the Scorpion and in the film we just watched Gattaca staring Ethan Hawke. As you may know the protagonist in The House of the Scorpion is Matt. Matt shares some of the same qualities the protagonist in Gattaca has. The protagonist is a degenerate who goes by the name Jerome, but this is his fake identity, his real name is Vincent and the reason he became a degenerate is because he has a dream of going to space but unfortunately due to a heart condition he isn’t able too. He starts taking DNA from somebody by the name of Jerome so that Vincent can pretty much have his body and his genes so he is able to fulfil his dream of going into space. Some qualities that Matt and Jerome/Vincent share is that they both genetically inferior and that they both tried extremely hard to be where they are today. I think that both protagonists are kind of the same because they both are discriminated against for being genetically incompetent but they take different approaches on how they deal with it. One of them goes the route of being a degenerate so he can get accepted by making his genes better and the other one goes the route of getting others to try and except him for who he is. I think that both methods are great, Matt try’s getting people to accept him for who he is but Jerome/Vincent keeps on trying and trying to get accepted into Gattaca even though he has a weak heart, horrible genes and a low life expectancy. In conclusion, both protagonists are both different and unaccepted. I think that even if your genetically different you should still be able to have the same opportunities as everyone else and shouldn’t be discriminated against just for that.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Individual Blog Post 5

Induvial blog post 5

In this blog post I will be talking about illegal immigration in real life and in the book.  In the book Celia is smuggled by a coyote. A Coyote is someone who brings someone into a country illegally. In the real world this happens a lot. Whether if its Mexicans illegally immigrating to America or the poor souls of the Syrian Refugees risking their lives to get to Europe by taking a rubber dinghy across the ocean. Illegal Immigration happens a lot and whether if you think it’s an issue or it’s a method of desperation if people resort to this method it’s for a reason.

People resort to illegal immigration as a method of desperation and I think that if you don’t want illegal immigrants in our country or in any other you have no soul. In Syria people are bing bombed every day, if you exist your house theirs a 90 percent chance you won’t come back. Children are crying, the country’s dead now that is why people are leaving it. They would hop on a rubber dinghy and take their chances sailing the ocean with a boat that’s way to small to support a giant load. After they get to land they walk 100s of km to get to Germany one of the few countries accepting refugees as of right now. Others use different methods like staying in a refugee camp in Jordan or Lebanon and waiting for their application to immigrate to Canada or any other place gets excepted.

As you can tell in the paragraph above the situation in Syria is horrible. Celia did something very similar to what they did in Syria. She was smuggled into Opium by  a Coyote. She resorted to this method because couldn’t stay in Aztlan any longer. Celia immigrated illegally for almost the same reason the Syrians did. We are now nearing the end of this blog post and know I want you to think about Illegal immigration, if you were opposed to it are you still? Think about the poor Syrian refugees and how hard they fought for their safety. This is the end of this post good bye

Sunday, March 5, 2017

House Of The Scorpion Blog Post 4 Matts World View

Individual blog post 4 Matts World View

All Matts life he was treated like crap by most people for being a clone. Many people thought of Matt differently just because he isn’t the same as them. In real life this happens a lot too, whether if an African American is being treated differently for their skin color or a Women for her gender. This is discrimination and its wrong and right now Matts being affected by discrimination for being a clone. Equality is the idea that everything and everyone is equal and right now Matt is not experiencing it. This is what this blog post is about. The world view element I think affects Matt the most is equality with others. Equability is a problem in the real world and in the house of the scorpion. As I said earlier in the real world many people of different races, sexes and believes are discriminated for being different than what we are used too. This is a problem; this is a problem. In the House of The Scorpion clones and eejits are discriminated against because they are different as well. Equality is something we take for granted but in other places, it doesn’t even exist. Another world view element I think affects Matt is a relationship between the individual and the state because in this case, Matt has a bad relationship between himself and the state. El patron only made Matt as his clone because he knew one day he will need Matt for his organs and right now is trying to harvest Matts organs for himself.  This world view element can also tie into equality with others because just because of Matts a clone it doesn’t mean El Patron can take advantage of him and only have him existing as a living insurance plan for El Patron. We are nearing the end of this blog post, now you have an idea about how Matt is experiencing troubles with equality. On a different scale, some people in the real world are experiencing problems with equality as well.  In some countries there is a bad Monarchy or Government that has a bad relationship with citizens as well, they do horrible things such as building walls and banning immigration from certain countries. This affects the people as well. If you are reading this I would like you to take the time and think about what I have said. The End.

Monday, February 27, 2017

House Of The Scorpion Blog Post 3

In this blog post, I will discuss what it means to be a caregiver/mother/father. In the house of the scorpion, Celia is Matts caregiver for the first few years of his life. Although Celia is not Matts birth mother as Matt is a clone she still cared for him until it was time for Matt to leave Celia's house. As a caregiver, Celia would care for Matt, feed him, entertain him and bring him presents. These are just a few of the many qualities caregivers should have. To be a caregiver it means to take care of something or someone and I think its not a very easy job. Being a caregiver means to protect something as if it were a part of you, to take care of it to the best of your ability. Most of us had good caregivers and they cared for us more than anything, they protected us, they put food on the table for us and they bought presents for us. Being a caregiver is all that and more. That's what it means to be a caregiver.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

House Of The Scorpion blog post 2

House of The Scorpion Blog Post

In this blog post I will talk about what I think of the first 100 pages. So far in the first hundred pages of this novel I have really engaged in this book, it has many interesting characters and a very interesting story. All of these factors made the book easily catch my attention.  The story is set in the country of opium a strip of land in between what used to be called Mexico and the USA. I think that the setting of the book matters a lot because one of the main characters is a drug lord, his name is El Patron. El Patron is the richest and most powerful man in the country of Opium, he is only respected for being rich. The protagonist of the story is Matt; Matt is a clone of El Patron. An inference I can make is that Matt was made to take over the opium business for El Patron after he dies because El Patron is 143 years old.  This novel has many intriguing characters and I just named a few of them. As I said earlier this novel also has a very cool setting and I can’t wait to learn more about it. Some impressions I can make on the novel so far are that El patron is both good and evil because he treats Matt so well and he is one of few people who respects Matt, but on the other hand El Patron is also a drug lord and he makes all of his money illegally. I think that El Patron is a good person from what we know so far in the book. I also think that the country of opium is a very unethical country, they make clones and turn them into eejits, eejits are clones with an implant in their head that makes them only do one thing. I think that this is unacceptable because you can’t really program a real human being to do only one thing. Well now we are reaching the end to this blog post, these were my thoughts on the first 100 pages. For more house of the scorpion stuff stay tuned!